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BRAVE is a celebration of female strength through music, developed by New York-based recording artist Sariah to support and provide opportunities for women in music.  In the organization’s first year of existence, concerts have been held in New York and Los Angeles, and plans are now in place for a networking event to further tie this powerful community together. 


Sariah offers her thoughts on BRAVE, these early days, and the road forward:


"BRAVE has been in my heart for so many years and I felt like it was finally time to let it shine.  I wanted Brave to be the beginning of a safe, positive, and inspiring community for women.  The idea of having shows that celebrated the power of women and their talents was exhilarating and so we put together a phenomenal all female band and asked so many of the talented female singers I am lucky to call my friends to take the stage at Bitter End in October of 2018.   We have been fortunate enough to partner with the Covenant House and I am proud to say, we were able to donate over $2,000 for our very first evening! This is just the beginning of the community and relationships I yearn to build for us.  Here’s to bravery, to courage, to our VOICE.  May we stand together, grow together, and fight for our rights together.”


Please continue to check this space for updates, opportunities, and information as BRAVE evolves and moves forward!

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